Unboxing My DENMAN Brush!



If you are a true naturalista then you know how excited I am about this purchase. The Denman brush needs no introduction; I could pretty much end this blog post here…but I won’t because I am crazy over this hairbrush! It literally hasn’t left my sight since I bought it.


I bought the D4 Large styling brush from Pharmart Chemist in Nakumatt Galleria ground floor for 1800 bob. They had a Denman stand with a wide variety of ORIGINAL Denman brushes, combs, hair pins, ties and other accessories. I have also seen Denman stands at Mimosa Pharmacies at the Nakumatt Karen and Junction outlets.


I chose the D4 Large styling brush and not the popular D9 Medium styling brush because I have really thick 4C hair, and I felt that detangling would be made easier with a larger surface brush. And trust me it was!


My usual detangling time was cut down by nearly half by using the D4 as opposed to my wide-toothed comb. In case you’re not already sold, did I mention it caused no snagging, pulling, or breaking of my hair? My experience overall with the brush has been great. To be honest, it is a bit pricey, but look at it as a worthwhile investment, as detangling is crucial step in your hair care regimen and having the right tools makes life that much more easier.


The brush disassembles easily for thorough cleaning after use, which is also a perk, because hair can shed a bit  and get caught up in the brush during detangling which is absolutely normal. You can click here to visit the Demnam website  to find out more about the brush.


Here comes some crucial information. Finger detangling VS Denman Brush Detangling, I have come to find that for me, finger detangling works best! But on the days when i just don’t have the time(or the patience) required to diligently detangle my tresses, the Denman offers a quick and easy solution.


In comparison to finger detangling, the D4 does get rid of virtually all my single strand knots and tangles, and is ideal when you want your hair thoroughly detangled. However, finger detangling is much gentler and causes less damage to the hair as you literally ‘feel’ your tangles rather than ripping through them with this bad boy. Finger detangling is not as thorough in my opinion, but still effective nonetheless, and despite the lengthier time taken to finger detangle, you cause less manipulation and stress to your strands which equals minimal breakage.


In comparison to other tools like the wide toothed comb, the Denman is by far less abrasive to the hair as its bristles are specially designed with curly haired girls in mind to minimise breakage, shedding and frizz. If you have thicker type 4 hair, you may want to modify your Denman brush slightly amd remove some of the rows. This makes detangling with the brush gentler, as the bristles are fewer and widely spaced out. To learn how to modify your Denman brush click here.


All in all, this is a great tool to add to my natural hair paraphernalia.. I’m not too sure how much use i’ll get out of it (I am so #teamfingerdetangle) Have you used Denman brushes before? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear about your experience, so do share!


Happy Nappy Hair!


Yvette Kemi


NOTE: They are now also available in Nakumatt Stores countrywide. Keep your eyes peeled ladies!