Dealing with HATERS!


As the title suggests, this post is going to be a tad unique. I’ll start of with a little short story, travel back to 2011 with me *sprinkles fairy dust*


I’m standing at the bus stop minding my own business taking in all the sights and sounds.(I’m being dramatic, the only sight to take in was the traffic I was going to have to brave home on Ngong road, and the most prominent sound was mahindi choma popping on a fire as a hungry buyer eagerly awaits his cob, let’s not digress) I am delightfully joined by two girls immersed in what appeared to be some serious ‘muchene’ (that’s another word for gossip for my non-Kenyan readers).


They chatted away giggling for what seemed like forever (it had been a long day, standing at the bus stop for even 5 minutes seemed like eternity) Thank heavens, finally a matatu approaches. Just as I’m about to enter the matatu one of the girls makes a catty remark “What’s wrong with her hair, she needs a trip to the salon. Her hair looks long if only she could just perm it it’d be so nice.”


Sitting in the matatu, I was overcome with all sorts of emotion. At one point, I even contemplated getting off the matatu and walking back to give those girls a piece of my mind, but that was unreasonable (plus I had already paid my fare). The traffic on the way home gave me plenty of time to cool off and look at things from a different perspective.


Let’s face it, being natural makes you stand out, and by virtue of you standing out, you definitely draw more attention. Sometimes, that attention is positive (work it!) But, more often than not, people will give you confused, judgmental stares. At the end of the day, take it in your stride honey. You are fearfully and wonderfully made from head to toe, wear your crowning glory with pride.


Stay positive ladies, cussing out everyone who has something nasty to say about the way you wear your hair will only lower you to their level. Instead, hold your head (of beautifully gorgeous hair) up high and go about your business, in any case, haters always hate!


Happy Nappy Hair!


Yvette Kemi