5 Essential Natural Hair Products

As a recovering product junkie, it was hard to narrow down this list to just five products. Trust me honey, I have tried and tested so many products in the past couple of years, all in the name of natural hair perfection. (My wallet can definitely testify to that!) Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against trying out new products. In fact, I recommend it! I mean how else will you discover what truly works for your hair? But at the end of the day, I’ve come to find that my hair cannot survive without these five items, which are definitely staples in my haircare routine.

If you’re a natural newbie and are confused about what products to try out, this my natural haircare basic essentials kit! Not only is it cost friendly, this list of products includes products that will help you maintain and care for your mane. Whether you have a TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) or a BBA(Big Brother Africa- I joke! Big Beautiful Afro- I just made that up) here’s what you’ll need:




One thing I adore about being natural is the opportunity to let my inner Mad Scientist shine!(muhahahaha *insert evil laugh here*) I am always tucked away in my bathroom(or kitchen, depending on the ingredients required) mixing up natural hair potions (I think a Witch reference would have worked better than the Mad Scientist reference I used earlier)

Water is essential not only for our bodies, but our hair too. Although many of us have been taught that water is the enemy, it’s not. It’s a naturalista’s BFF! Our hair thrives in a moisture rich environment and water is one of the best ways to quench its thirst. I find that adding oils like Olive and Castor oil to my spray bottle mix amps up my hair’s moisture content. I will definitely do a DIY post on my spray bottle mixture.




Girl, I cannot stress the importance of a good conditioner. A conditioner helps soften your hair, restores the pH levels of your hair after a shampoo, helps prevent damage during detangling, and can used as an alternative to shampoo when washing your hair. This is called co-washing. I have tried over 10 different conditioners in the course of my natural hair journey and I have finally settled on the Suave Naturals Conditioner line. You can find it at Nakumatt Stores around the country and it is so pocket friendly, retailing at 300KES. This conditioner is sulfate-free and melts my tangles away making detangling that much easier.




Pictured above is my Denman Brush(click here to find out more about it) and a wide-toothed comb. These are the basic detangling tools I used when i first went natural. With time(and experience) I have shelved these tools and incorporated finger detangling into my haircare regimen. Finger detangling is much gentler and causes less stress on your hair, which equals less damage. However, it does take longer than combing, and some naturals say that combing is more thorough than finger detangling. I personally do not use tools to detangle my hair anymore and find that finger detangling works best for me. You can try both methods and see what works best for you and the overall health of your hair.




This is a crucial step in my haircare regimen. Oils and butters help to seal in moisture into your strands and prevent damage and breakage due to dryness and friction. Pictured above is Olive Oil(Pietro Coricelli, available at Nakumatt for about 500KES), Coconut Oil(Tropical Coconut Oil, available at Nakumatt, Super Cosmetics, and most beauty shops and supermarkets courntywide, prices depend on size and range from 80-200KES), DIY Whipped Shea Butter Cream(click here for the recipe).




Deep conditioning is so important for the overall health of your natural hair. It helps curb dryness, repair damaged hair, and promotes soft, healthy, shiny tresses. I purchase deep conditioners depending on my hair’s needs at the time. To learn more about deep conditioning, and its benefits click here. Pictured above are two deep conditioners I’m loving right now, Organics Cholesterol Tea Tree(purchased at Nakumatt, 545KES) and ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner(purchased during a haul, click here for more info)


What products is your hair loving right now? Do share!


Happy Nappy Hair!