Bun It!


As the title suggests, this post is all about BUNS! (no…not the ones Nicki Minaj refers to in Anaconda) The top knot bun is one of my favourite hairstyles, here’s why:

1. Keeps hair in a stretched state. My hair is now past APL (arm-pit length) and in order for me to keep retaining length, I keep my hair stretched. This means no wash and go’s no afro’s (I know you’re shocked, let me explain!) This is because allowing my hair to shrink causes tangling which=breakage! Styling my hair in a bun helps me to maintain my hair in a stretched and keeps that shrinkage at bay.

2. It is a protective hairstyle. Because the ends of my hair are not exposed, this serves as a great short term protective style as my strands are not left free which causes tangling=breakage! I’ll be sure to do a more detailed post on protective styling (this is the main reason why my hair is at this length.

3. Very versatile. Not only is this style protective, but it is also versatile. You can go from work, to school, to a night out.

4. It’s easy to do and is low manipulation. It’s great for those days when I’m feeling so lazy, and don’t want to leave the house looking like a homeless person.

5. Cuteness level 100! So not only can I avoid looking like a hobo, I can look trendy too? SOLD!



However, there are some DON’Ts with this bun business:

1. Don’t pull too tight. Wearing a tight bun can be so destructive for your hair line. Pulling and tying hair too tightly can cause stress to the scalp and eventual breakage of the hair. Even worse, tight buns can cause thinning edges and even loss of hair due to traction alopecia. Such a no-no! Make sure your bun is tied comfortably. I choose to wear my bun really lose, I quite like the ‘messy bun’ look anyway.

2. Don’t neglect your hair. Just because it’s up and away don’t skim on TLC. moisturise! There is absolutely no excuse for dry hair. Being in a protective style does not mean that your hair will take care of itself, you still need to moisturise your hair otherwise your protective styling will all be in vain.

3. Let’s keep it 100.Though this is protective (because your ends are tucked away), it still involves some daily styling, which means manipulation and stress on hair. Opt for other more effective no-manipulation protective styles like twists and braids (I don’t use extensions) to help you retain more length, and accomplish your hair growth goals.


Happy Nappy Hair!


Yvette Kemi