Dinner at DARI

Dinner at Dari 3


So its date night (typically Friday or Saturday night, I can be spontaneous though)…and my OCD had me preparing two hours early (because i take forever to get ready and i had no clue what to do with my hair!) After spending like 40 minutes at the mirror, I created this funky fauhawk (Faux Mohawk) with a cute little pompadour at the front.




The Mr. took me to dinner at Dari in Karen. I absolutely love it! This place always does it for me, the ambience is fantastic!




SLURRRRRP!!! Sippin’ on my Sea Breeze. Check out the final creation, what do you guys think? I love it because its a protective style yet it’s really edgy and unique. Who said protective styling has to be boring?




I wore a gorgeous bold floral print pencil skirt that was custom made for me by Kenzi Designs. I paired it with a bright yellow crop top and one of my fav denim jackets.



Jacket: Thrifted

Crop Top: Jay Jays (SA)

Skirt: Kenzi Designs

Earrings: Mr. Price

Shoes: The depths of my closet



And finally its mealtime! 🙂




Happy Nappy Hair!

Yvette Kemi