Styling My Two-Strand Twists! *REQUESTED*

2 Strand Twists cover

I received so much positive feedback from my last post on the importance protective styling. A lot of ladies asked me whether I use extensions for my twists. The answer is no. I do my twists with my own hair and do not use braid extensions. Why you may ask? The main reason I do not wear braid extensions is because I do my hair on my own (I have not sat in a salon chair for over three years now). Therefore its much easier, and more time efficient for me to just do the twists with my own hair.


Personally, I opt for own-hair twists instead of extensions because it is easier for me to access my hair and thoroughly moisturize it directly, as opposed to having my hair in extensions. It is crucial to moisturize and seal your hair whilst in the protective style! (I emphasized this in my a previous post so i won’t delve deeper)

 Styling 3

Another reason why I shy away from extensions is because when I did use them (back when I was a regular at Kenyatta Market), my edges suffered! I had a lot of breakage and excessive shedding too-which in hindsight, could have been because I did not know how to properly moisturize and seal my hair- but having come this far in my natural hair growth journey, i wouldn’t want to use extensions and channel past experiences. This is purely MY personal experience. Some naturals swear by extensions and have managed to retain a lot of length by way of braid and twist extensions.

Solange Box braids

Listen to your hair and cater to its needs, that’s what’s most important! I would love to rock some long box braids and channel my inner Solange (her wedding pictures are everything!) but my hair won’t have it! If you’ve tried hair extensions and they worked for you, go for it! If your edges were begging for mercy, I’d think twice.


Wearing own-hair twists definitely does not have to be boring! A reader felt that when she wore twists with her own hair she looked ‘childish’, but when she had extensions in that suddenly changed and she looked more ‘mature’. I honestly don’t think that long extensions make you look more ‘mature’ or that twists with my own hair are ‘childish’, it’s all about the way you style them. There is a world of information and tutorials on YouTube, vlogger MsTanish1  who outlines her moisturizing and styling tips for two-strand twists (click here for the video)


Do you protective style your hair? What are your views and experiences with hair extensions? Do share.


Happy Nappy Hair,


Yvette Kemi