My 50’s Pin-up Inspired Hair

50's Hair

Sooo…I’m smack in the middle of exams guys. Yup! It’s that time of the semester when s**t gets real. Seeing as my priorities are more focused towards those grades and not on my hair, it’s much easier for me to rock my two strand twists during this period. But hey, just because I’m hitting the books does not mean I should look like one (Okay, bear with me. That sounded way more funnier in my head!) Here’s how I achieved  my 50’s inspired hair…


The night before, I moisturized my hair and then I put two strand twists into bantu knots to stretch my hair out and give my twists some texture for me to play around with while styling the next day. I woke up like this *cue Beyonce’s Flawless*



Next, I added some coconut oil to my hands to minimize the friction while removing the bantu knots. I then gently unravelled each bantu knot.


Carefully separate the clusters, such that you are left with individual curly twists.



You can rock the style as is if you’d like, but i was going for a more timeless, sophisticated look. I opted to go for an up-do and channel my inner 50’s pin-up girl! I achieved this by using two pins and loosely pinning up the right side and the back.



Hmmmmmmm….something’s missing…


Oh yes! I forgot to line my bottom waterline… *grabs Sleek Eye Khol* and we’re DONE! I wore this look to a graduation party on Friday evening. What I love most about this make-up look is it’s easy to do, and it’s neutral so you can pair it with any lip colour you’d like! (I chose to do a nude lippie for the night)



I hope you like the look ladies, I definitely felt glam rocking this hair do. Until next time, Bisous! :* :*


Happy Nappy Hair,

Yvette Kemi