Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!! It’s such a beautiful, bright and sunny day. I’ve definitely woken up with a smile on my face. I had a very deep conversation with a good friend of mine a few days ago about how positivity is the key to unlocking happiness and success in your life. Sometimes, everything that’s going wrong in our lives bogs us down so much that we fail to acknowledge the stuff that is going right. I’m definitely guilty of that vicious cycle of negativity on more than one account.


Instead, we can purpose to fill our hearts and minds with positive thoughts and set positive intentions for our loved ones and ourselves. Thoughts become things! We are a reflection of the thoughts we choose to entertain. Choose happiness. Choose success. Choose love! May your year be filled love, prosperity and good vibes only!


Valentines Look 3


This is the last look in my 3 part Valentine’s Hairstyle Inspiration series which I hope you’ve found helpful! Staying true to my protective styling ways, this third look is for my girls who do not want to leave them ends vulnerable. This is a perfect look for an evening out, as it helps combat shrinkage. I’ve left my house countless times for a night out with the most banging twist out, and arrived home hours later with my hair looking a hot mess. With this style, you get to showcase your luscious locs whilst protecting them from inevitable shrinkage.


Starting with our hair from the previous look, gather all the hair towards your crown. Think of a huge doughnut atop your head!





Bobby pin the hair down to secure the look in place.


Valentines Look 3-2


Et voila, you’re done! You can choose to rock the look like this or add some accessories to jazz it up!




Like this head band with diamante detail. Perfect to take your Valentine’s dinner outfit up a notch! Or…


Valentines Look 3-3


This colourful headscarf. I love big statement bows, I think they are so cute and girly!


Valentines Look 3-5


Valentines Look 3-6

Valentines Look 3-7


Have a wonderful day. Choose happiness. Choose success. Choose love!


Happy Nappy Hair,


Yvette Kemi