Out and About: Thrift Social 2

Greetings beloved ones, I hope the week has gone well for you so far. My hair has been in my usual fav protective style; two strand twists. However, as my hair gets longer, it takes me such a long time to twist up my hair it’s ridiculous! I have opted to switch things up a little and go for a much looser twist, which means it takes me less time overall to style my hair (and definitely less stress on my shoulders and arms!) I’ll definitely do a more in-depth post on how I twist my hair so keep your eyes peeled.

Thrift Social Poster

Staying on track with the theme of the post (because protective styling is my forte and I can ramble on and on about it), I had the pleasure of attending the Thrift Social this past weekend. Its definitely a one of a kind event hosted by the ever stylish Velma Rossa and Papa Petite of 2ManySiblings. Good music, beautiful unique clothing items for sale, a tattoo and piercing stand, hay stacks, drinks flowing and happy people is definitely a recipe for a fantastic experience. Check out their page for more insight on the event.


I wore my hair in a twisted up-do, I just love how versatile my hair is. It’s virtually impossible to get bored with natural hair because every style looks unique!

Thrift Social Look 1

Thrift Social Look 2

Thrift Social Look 3

Good times with great people…

Thrift Social

Thrift Social

I’ll be honest I didn’t take as many pictures at the event as I should have, but that was because I was out there having a damn good time! Sometimes I feel like the best moments are the ones that aren’t captured on lens (key word here being sometimes) Take a break from your phone or social media just for a while and I promise, it’ll be worth it! Until next time…


Happy Nappy Hair,


Yvette Kemi