Crowning Glory!

Up do 1


Hi ladies!! I’m back with a good old protective styling quickie. I’ve been wearing my hair like this for the past couple of weeks, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite ways to style my two strand twists!

I feel so regal and queenly with my hair in this up do, channeling my inner Nefertiti. Up do’s are definitely a great way to protect your hair from rubbing against your shoulders causing split ends, or even worse- breakage.


up do 3

Its quick and super simple to achieve. Gather all your twists towards the crown (middle of your head) and pin them in place. Make sure to pin your hair comfortably so as not to pull or snag your tender tresses. I wore variations of this up do here and here, however this time I didn’t use an elastic hair band to achieve the look.

Up do 2

up do 6

up do 4

up do 5

Enjoy the rest of your week beloved ones! Blessings on blessings…


Happy Nappy Hair,


Yvette Kemi