Out and About: CBA Concours D’Elegance ’15

Hi ladies!!!

I know this post is wee bit late, but I wanted to share with you how I wore my hair to this years Concours! It was a lovely afternoon, and the weather was nice so I decided to wear my hair in a braid out (something I typically would not do- #TEAMPROTECTIVESTYLING). Little did I know, i’d be ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’ all afternoon!

Concours 2

Literally, this was me all day…

Concours 1

To be completely honest, my hair was so much more defined and stretched when I left the house, but exposure to the elements always gives my 4c strands a reason to go wild! The struggle is real! Nonetheless, I embrace it and just let it do its own thing, there’s no point of getting worked up about shrinkage or loosing some definition on your braid out throughout the day because let’s be real, it’s bound to happen.

Concours 3

Concours 6

Pretend driving is honestly a thing…no? (My hair would be a hot mess if I really had to ride around in this thing! Natural hair problems *sigh*)

Concours 4

Concours 5

Hope you’re having an amazing week! 🙂

Happy Nappy Hair,

Yvette Kemi