Bangin’ Braid Out

Hello loves!


Turn some heads this weekend with a bomb braid out! I’ll be showing you three different ways I jazz up a braid out, instead of sticking within my comfort zone and wasting all this beautiful texture on a bun/ up-do. (Don’t get me wrong honey, I love me an up-do protective style!) Let’s dive in…


Coat your hands with your preferred oil (mine’s coconut, I’m in love with the coco) and gently unravel your braids. I had 8 chunky braids (4 in the front and 4 in the back). Unraveling your hair with dry hands can cause breakage due to friction, and can cause the hair to frizz- no body got time for freaking frizz!

banging braid out 2

Separate each braided section. This adds volume and helps you hide the sections/parts on your scalp.

banging braid out 3

banging braid out 4

For this first look, I left my middle part in tact, placing bobby pins on each side to accentuate the part. Fluff up the roots for more volume, and give your hair a good ‘jooj’ until you’re satisfied.

banging braid out 5

banging braid out 6

Here’s the finished look…

banging braid out 7

banging braid out 8

For the ladies that like to have a bit of hair cascading their face, part your hair to the side you prefer (I prefer to part on the left, so that the fringe falls on the right side). Add bobby pins where needed to hold the fringe in place.

banging braid out 10

banging braid out 9

And finally, because I loved this style so much when I straightened and trimmed my hair (read all about it here), I decided to do an adaptation of the ‘half bun’. I simply gathered the front section into a rounded pompadour and pinned into place.

banging braid out 12

banging braid out 14

banging braid out 13

I hope this inspires you to rock your next braid out with confidence! As always, thank you for reading beloved one…


Happy Nappy Hair,


Yvette Kemi