A Bantu Knot Out for Brunch!

Brunch 6

One of my absolute favourite things about being a natural, especially a type 4c natural, is the sheer versatility of my hair when it comes to styling. I can choose to wear my hair long and flowing down to my back, and easily switch things up due to the power of shrinkage (which I embrace with open arms, and so should you!).

I have been wearing my favourite two strand twists (as shown in this protective style post), and I decided to jazz them up for a nice brunch this past weekend with the Mr. I prepped the night before first, by adding some moisture to my hair with my spray bottle mix (which contains olive oil and castor oil, leaving my hair super moist). Dry hair is a no no! I sealed this moisture in with some of my whipped shea butter, twisted and bantu knotted each small section.

Brunch 8

Before unraveling the bantu knots the next day, I made sure to coat my hands with a little bit of coconut oil to prevent frizzing, and breakage from friction during the take down.

Brunch 5

I separated the bantu knots until each individual two strand twist stood independently. Be careful not to separate your two strand twists and ruin your protective style.

Brunch 3

This is a quick and easy way to moisturise, stretch and achieve beautiful curls on your two strand twists. Very Corrine Bailey Rae-esque no? 🙂

Brunch 4

Brunch 2

As for the makeup, I kept things very soft with a bronzy eye and sheer brown lip. ‘Radiant Glow’ was the theme of the day.

Brunch 1

You can check out my previous posts here, and here for more two strand twist style inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your week my loves!!!


Happy Nappy Hair,


Yvette Kemi